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Power Point Installation

STV’s power point installation, relocation and repair servicing all Sydney suburbs. Residential and commercial power point installation services available, contact us today.
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Power Point Installation

So you have purchased a new TV and brought it home, yet there are no power points available in the vicinity. Ether the chords simply won’t reach or there aren’t any in sight. Many homes (old properties in particular) are simply not equipped with enough power points to deal with the various needs and requirements of modern technology. There is no need to panic! Simply contact us and we will have the solution in no time.

Our qualified electricians are highly trained and experienced in the field of power point installation. We guarantee a quick and reliable service, ensuring your home or business can access your television set up as soon as possible.

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Our foremost speciality lies in the installation, maintenance and repair of TV power and data entry points. For many years our business has the led the way in this vital area of modern day life, successfully implementation the installation, relocation or upgrades of power points to ensure that your home or business remain connected. Whether you have just purchased a new TV, home theatre system or are experiencing issues with your current setup we are more than willing to help!

We prioritise your needs and wishes as we apply our many years of electrical expertise to ensure not only a quick and affordable service but one that is thorough and designed to last for many years to come.

Power Point issues? Let STV pay you a visit today!


Power Point Relocation

Unfortunately, the desired location for your brand new TV or TVs may not be in the same area as any power point sockets. In this case, however, power point relocation is a viable option.

STV will ensure that the power points at your home or business are relocation to a functional position, guaranteeing connectivity and most importantly, safety for all involved. Following the successful relocation, we can also embed USB ports to your new sockets, enabling a smooth connection for various devices.

Power Point Repair

A common problem that can occur in any property, faulty data and power points must be handled by a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to address the situation yourself. Instead, allow our friendly electricians to pay you a visit and undertake a careful and considered repair to the affected power point.

From the moment you notice faults or electrical issues, simply get on the line to STV and we will take charge, conducting a successful repair or replacing the power point with a brand new installation.


Connecting Our City

No job is too large or too small. Our goal is to assist homes and businesses throughout Sydney with a friendly and professional service grounded in technical expertise and adaptability. STV’s power point installation, relocation and repair is designed to ensure as many residential and commercial properties of Sydney remain connected to their TVs and are able to experience excellent reception without any issues, watching in comfort as their TV is setup in their desired location.

Our services extend to the western suburbs to the east, the north shore, the CBD and the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

Steps we implement to minimise the risk

We have adapted our service to keep you and us safe by following the advice provided by the Australian Government department of health



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