Visual Aesthetic

Living room design enhanced by tv mounting installation

TV Installation Service Sydney Suburbs

Professional Interior design and 3D Digital Sketch-Up

The perfect décor is the one that integrates life’s essentials into the design. At STV we believe that the TV, speakers and other components of the entertainment unit should be part of the décor when properly designed. Today you will find that TVs and Speakers are so well designed that by integrating them into the décor the finished results are stunning. At STV we use a combination of solutions such as different TV mounting brackets ​​​​​​​and speaker mounts to perfectly integrate them into the existing décor. The best way to achieve a perfect décor is to integrate the system components such as cables and power plugs into the design stage, though we understand that it is not always an option and therefore we have great solutions to integrate the components into an existing décor. Call us today to consult about your design needs with our interior designer.

Home Theatre Installation For Sydney​​​​​​​

An integral component in any entertainment area is the visual aesthetics. Delivering a cinematic experience is about more than high-quality audio and 4K video, it’s about the space surrounding it too. If you’re looking to turn a lounge into a home theatre that will make you the envy of your friends, speak to experts. A STV specialist with an Interior Design Qualification can provide you with design advice for your home theatre, office or business, helping you make the most of your set-up, delivering the best sound and vision no matter your budget.​​​​​​​

Home Theatre Installation

The Ponds Project

Our competitive rates make this a natural choice for anyone who’s serious about their entertainment. Anyone with any technical knowledge will tell you that it’s not just what speakers you have or which TV you’ve bought, but how you’ve positioned them that contributes to their overall quality. Enhance the viewing angles of your TV, or remove that unpleasant bass rumble from your sound system with our precise, expert home theatre installation services.​​​​​​​ STV designed a 3D digital sketch-up of the wall cabinet & mounting. Installed multi-optional sockets which included HDMI, USB and RCA ports for practicality and longevity of cable quality. Mounted speakers and used a flat bracket to mount the 60-inch Samsung TV.

The Ponds TV Installation Project

Involve Us Every Step of The Way

Renovating? Extending or building a new home? We can work with your builders to add to the initial design for your entertainment area or any room that requires special installation of audio visual equipment and systems. We also provide various hanging services for items that are meant to be displayed but have been tucked away.

Discuss Your Needs With Us​​​​​​​

STV has helped home and business-owners across Sydney get the support and expert advice they need to build the perfect theatre system. From Parramatta to Surry Hills and across the city, we ensure that everyone can have a stunning audio-visual experience. Start a conversation with the experts​​​​​​​ and find out what we can do for you. Call us and let us enhance your property.

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Visual Aesthetic

The perfect décor is the one that integrates life’s essentials into the design. At STV we believe that the TV, speakers and other components of the entertainment unit should be part of the décor when properly designed.

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